Tony Harrison

Tony started growing bonsai under the tutorage of Bob Richards in 1978 when he was a member of the Cape Bonsai Kai of which he has happy memories. He was inspired by the variety of Bob's collection and the excellence of the olives grown by Kai members.

tony-harrisonTony had about sixty trees in his formal collection. He was not governed by any particular style but was more of a naturist (not in the nudist sense) and believed the tree should dictate its style. Through Bob and from him the appreciation of Bonsai has led Tony to a further appreciation of natural things and to the creation of Japanese Courtyard Gardens, Rock Gardens and to Japanese Art. These interests have enabled him to meet a diversity of people who have not only taught Tony about growing trees, but also a lot about life, for which he admires them.

Tony believed that visits of overseas experts and masters resulted in the Bonsai world in South Africa being much enriched. He felt that we may become outcasts but with our wealth of talent, diversity and wealth of natural and exotic material and boundless enthusiasm of those who control the destinies of each of the societies, we would continue to grow.

Tony was a foremost lecturer and took endless pains when preparing his lecture/demonstrations whether for his own club, or at seminars or conventions. Anyone who had been privileged to listen to and watch Tony will not have forgotten the experience.

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Overhanging Pine

Adding its mite of needles to the Waterfall

Random Bonsai Tip

Use vinegar and water to remove moss but it is not as effective as using Limestone Ammonium Nitrate (LAN) and water. Be very careful not to spill any of the LAN on the roots of the bonsai tree as it may burn them and may in the worst case cause the tree to die. Carefully paint the LAN and water mix on the trunk of the bonsai tree and within days you should see the moss turn brown and die.