Rudi Adam

rudi-adamRudi was interested in Bonsai even before he came to South Africa. He saw his first bonsai trees in Vienna. When he came to South Africa he was 'No 6 paid-up member' of the Cape Bonsai Kai which he joined in 1970 and has been growing and styling his own trees since then. In this time he has built up a collection of more than 500 trees. Known as the Olive King of South African bonsai, Rudi likes growing informal, Bunjin, Cascade and Twin trunk styles and besides olives, he likes Ficus, Pines and Junipers although he grows many other species all of which can be seen in his Bonsai nursery.

When asked what bonsai has meant to him in his life, he said 'Bonsai is my life!!" Rudi feels that Conventions and bringing visiting Masters out to South Africa has had the biggest influence on him and on Bonsai in South Africa. He feels the future of Bonsai in South Africa is tied up with evolving South African styles, making use of our indigenous trees, new ventures and new ideas with old world wisdom. Only with perseverance and self criticism can we hope to advance our Art of Bonsai, while regularly participating in group events we spur on our enthusiasm.

Rudi regularly holds classes for beginners, intermediate and advanced members at his home and has lectured in most Bonsai centers in the Country, and very often for the Kai, and his lectures are always most enthusiastically received. We all admire his wonderful olives.

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Random Bonsai Tip

By limbering or flexing a branch or trunk you gently break the cambium layer loose and the healing process will then increase the diameter of a branch or trunk which is too thin