Alf Jones

Alf started growing Bonsai on his own and joined the Eastern Bonsai Society in 1972 where he was Vice Chairman and then Chairman for three years. In 1981 with others, he helped form Shibui Bonsai Kai and acted as Vice President, and President of Shibui. Alf lectured and demonstrated on Bonsai countrywide from around 1975 and held regular workshops at his home for members of his club.

There were about 100 Bonsai in Alf's collection, varieties were many and varied and he found all styles and species challenging, especially junipers and most deciduous species.


When John Naka came out, Alf assisted at his demonstrations and after that assisted John, Shigeo Kato, Melba Tucker and Ben Oki and had personal tuition from all of them. Alf found the annual symposia hosted by Shibui Bonsai Kai most enjoyable occasions. He found that the creating and growing of Bonsai afforded him the opportunity to research all aspects of growing trees, not only on a practical basis, but also from a horticultural aspect.

Alf felt that all demonstrators and lecturers on Bonsai in South Africa should at all costs try to educate the ordinary man in the street on the Art of growing Bonsai so that the selling of 'Bogus Bonsai' could be eliminated.

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Tenderly, lovingly

raking up dead leaves

in his Bonsai forest

Random Bonsai Tip

When creating Ishizuke or a rock clinging bonsai planting there must be harmony between the tree and rock, that is, the style of the tree and the shape of the rock must have artistic harmony and it must be natural.