Pests and diseases on Junipers

by Gail Theron

Junipers are relatively tough and hardy as far as attacks from fungi and insects are concerned and this in itself creates a problem in that I tend to neglect them in any "inspection round" assuming all to be well. Because the foliage is usually quite compact and dense the "pesties" realty go to town and have a ball, undetected.

I have had the following problems:

Leaf scale

Small white scales on the upper and under surface of the leaves. Oleum or folithion is the remedy used at weekly intervals for 3 - 4 weeks.

Red spider

A microscopic sucking insect leaving leaf looking "salt and peppered." Metasystox, a systemic insecticide is good used once and then 3 weeks later. Folithion is a contact spray and one or two applications would be necessary at weekly intervals. The damaged leaves will never recover.

Woolly aphids

A cotton wool and web-like appearance indicates that this is present. The same treatment as for red spider applies.

Mealy bug

Bugs visible, often hide in bark in all nooks and crannies - same treatment as above.

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Tenderly, lovingly

raking up dead leaves

in his Bonsai forest

Random Bonsai Tip

Use vinegar and water to remove moss but it is not as effective as using Limestone Ammonium Nitrate (LAN) and water. Be very careful not to spill any of the LAN on the roots of the bonsai tree as it may burn them and may in the worst case cause the tree to die. Carefully paint the LAN and water mix on the trunk of the bonsai tree and within days you should see the moss turn brown and die.