Monthly meetings

The members of the Cape Bonsai Kai meet every month on the third Thursday. (The only exception to this is the month of December as it is the month of our annual exhibition at Kirstenbosch Gardens)

Our club meetings are packed with activities, informative presentations and demonstrations. Meetings are well attended and are a must for any bonsai grower who wishes to learn more about the art and to meet and share ideas with other like minded individuals. This year a typical meeting comprises a display of trees, From Bush to Bonsai – where a member designs a bonsai from stock, a ten minute subject such as How to prune, Choose good material, etc, the judge’s choice of the displayed trees, then the main talk/dem/lecture of the evening. View some photo's taken at monthly meetings here.

Please see our exciting Year Programme for meeting dates and agenda.

Monthly meetings are held at 19h30 for 20h00. We use the J P Duminy Hall in Newlands under the Newlands bridge near the Athenaeum to meet. Please see the map below or contact us for more details should you wish to attend a meeting.

Displaying trees at monthly meetings

At monthly meetings there are separate tables for novice, intermediate and advanced growers to display their trees. Each month we have A Tree of the Month – look at your annual programme to see the next tree of the month. There is a judge for the evening awarding points (out of 10) – if you show the tree of the month you receive an extra two points. No tree can be shown more than twice in a year. Up to two trees get marked per meeting – if you bring more than two trees select the two that have received the highest marks.

The secretary collates and keeps a record of all marks. If you win any award at our annual show you receive ten points.


We have a large library with a varied collection of books and many magazines. The library opens at 7.30pm on club meeting evenings, when Gail Theron will be on hand to help you.

Members may borrow up to 2 books and 2 magazines at any one time but are asked to diligently return them the next month to ensure that others have an equal opportunity to enjoy them.

Map to Monthly Meeting Locale

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We would be happy to hear from you should you like to find out more about the club, meetings or bonsai in general.

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Year Programme

We have an exciting calendar of club meetings, events and public exhibitions planned for 2017/8.

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Sunlight dripping from tree

Slides off the periwinkle

And splashes on ground

Random Bonsai Tip

Sacrifice branches can be used to thicken up the branches or the trunk by taking advantage of the auxins in the terminal bud. A low branch could thus be used to thicken the base of the trunk and so improve the taper.