Cape Bonsai Kai January 2012 Newsletter

From the President

Dear Bonsai Members

A very BIG thank you for making our show fantastic! Starting with the publicity, photographer, organizer of the booking of the hall, tables and chairs, carting the trailer to Kirstenbosch, the display of the show master, the helpers for setting up, music organizer, cashier, sales and manning helpers, demonstrators, the display card maker and the organizing of the marks for the prizes, tea makers, displaying of banners and posters, last but not least all the beautiful trees and stands and complimentary plants which made our show a pleasure to see.

Well done for the first time showers.

I spoke to a few members who displayed their trees on the show for the first time and they say that they were nervous as they were not sure if they were up to standard and now they can not wait for the next show. What they do not understand is that we all started with trees that did not look like the best trees. It is a growing both in the tree and in the grower. Now you all have a whole year in which to prepare for next year.

The only aspect I was a bit disappointed in was that a special lesson on refinement is needed, we all know what design we are trying to achieve but it is not the end when it takes place. It needs a further look into each branch as well as each leaf. I am glad to see that most of the ground cover and level of ground is coming right.

This is also a time to think what you can give to your club, a short article about a tree of yours, an experience of a dig, a problem you might have encountered, help at our club meetings with chairs and tables, tea, a friendly chat to a beginner and so on. We also want articles or pictures for our website or even your history of your bonsai life.

There is no limit to what can be done to enhance our club.

Have a wonderful year and see you on the 19th of January 2012.


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Tenderly, lovingly

raking up dead leaves

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Random Bonsai Tip

If surface roots are unequally spread around the trunk or if they are lacking completely you can drill holes and insert match sticks or make deep scars around the base of the trunk on the side where the roots are needed below soil level. Apply hormone powder and sphagnum moss; cover with plastic and keep moist. Leave for 6 months to 1 year for the roots to develop.