Arbor Month Bonsai Exhibition

City of Cape Town / Western Cape Bonsai Fraternity Partnership

The Western Cape Bonsai Fraternity Partnership and the City of Cape Town (City Parks Directorate) hosted a Bonsai Arbor Day Exhibition which was held from the 3rd-11th September 2011 in the Company's Garden on a paved area next to the restaurant. The exhibition was an outdoor exhibition focusing mainly on "big bonsai trees". It is hoped this exhibition could lead to an annual Arbor Day exhibition where big tree growers could exhibit their trees to the public. This will also be an excellent platform to market the Western Cape Bonsai clubs and grow the general bonsai interest as an art form.

The following pictures were taken by various people in attendance during the exhibition, we thank them for sharing their photographs with us.

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Southeaster hustles

an adventurous ant

on his tireless search.

Random Bonsai Tip

To improve branch ramification one can defoliate deciduous trees in summer. This method should only be used on healthy, strong trees in their later stages of development.