by Rudi Adam written in October 1985

For close on two years now the question of an award for the most outstanding Bonsai trees has been contemplated. First by Marius and myself, then by the present Committee.

The Aim:

  1. To remove outstanding trees (those which are perpetual winners) from competition for the usual awards, thereby making room for new and upcoming trees.
  2. To honour extraordinary Bonsai and elevate them to a position on a par with the best in the country as well as within acceptable world standards.
  3. To set new visible standards for growers and sister-clubs, thereby uplifting the art of bonsai in this country.

The idea first came to us after our visit to Germany where outstanding Bonsai trees are called 'Solitaire,' and are easily recognized as Masterpieces of the art.

In this country where quality Bonsai trees are still somewhat rare, a national panel of recognized and well-known bonsai growers as well as the visiting Bonsai-master should be asked to select 'Solitaire' from among the trees put forward at the time of the annual convention.

It is our intention to do so this year and all Kai members are invited to let the Chairman know of how many trees you intend to enter for consideration for the Solitaire award. We have space for some 30 trees at the Convention exhibition, plus Mame trees.


  • Outstanding trees
  • 5 or more years in training
  • At least two awards at annual shows
  • acceptable container.


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Random Bonsai Tip

When creating Ishizuke or a rock clinging bonsai planting there must be harmony between the tree and rock, that is, the style of the tree and the shape of the rock must have artistic harmony and it must be natural.