Cape Bonsai Kai October 2015 Newsletter

From the President

Trevor Venables

Dear CBK Member,

Spring equinox has come and gone and new growth of foliage is encouraging.

A lot more rain is needed to fill the storage dams and avoid punitive water restrictions. At least the south easterly winds have not as yet reached the intensity of summer really contributing to trees rapidly drying out and hence the need for watering on a daily basis.

ABC 4 Convention is looming rapidly and preparations are well in hand. Assistance will be required in setting up and in transporting trees to Stellenbosch. Any help members can offer will be appreciated.

The Kai annual show is now not that far away and I trust members are busy identifying and preparing trees for the show. CBK has always taken pride in the quality and variety of trees on show and in the cross section of members displaying trees.

Therefore it would really be good if every member prepares and displays at least one or two trees for the show. After all it is OUR club for all members and not a select few who do all the work.

In this context assistance would be appreciated in setting up the show and in doing duties at the show. Kobus can Schoor has kindly agreed to be the Showmaster – thank you Kobus.

This is an enjoyable and busy time for bonsai growers, what with the Convention and annual show looming, not to mention still potting to be done.


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Random Bonsai Tip

By limbering or flexing a branch or trunk you gently break the cambium layer loose and the healing process will then increase the diameter of a branch or trunk which is too thin