Cape Bonsai Kai August 2016 Newsletter

From the President

Hennie Nel

Dear CBK Member,

I spent time removing moss, I think for the second time this winter, and was surprised to see my celtis and elms with leaves.

I hope you all have been very busy repotting and pruning, and especially spraying cork bark elms and acacia with lime sulphur to remove all the bugs in the crevices.

The workshop is proving to be very useful although not many are using the opportunity to tap into the experience member’s knowledge.

Kobus brought an elm that he has been nurturing for a year, and when he left the meeting he had a stump!

The fact is that the tree had all the very thick branches on the top of the tree which he needed to remove, as well as the apex as it had thickened disproportionately to the rest of the tree.

This drastic action should have been done when he bought the tree, resulting in a years wasted growth.

This is something that members can avoid if they bring the tree to the workshop and get expert advice.

The consolation for Kobus is that he now has a great “potensai” to work with. (See photographs of the before and after)

I mentioned at the meeting that Dr. George Williams from Australia will be doing a presentation on Judging of bonsai and accreditation.

He will also be discussing some of his problem bonsai which are mostly African trees.

He has previously done a presentation for Charles Ceronio’s club. We look forward to his insights.

The club has responded very well by bringing trees to the Novices, Intermediary and Senior tables, which provides great inspiration to all the members, so keep it up!

This month the tree of the month is Galpinia Transvalica and I am looking forward to seeing how many members have this delightful bonsai.

If you do not have one like me, bring some of your deciduous trees that are still without leaves or just starting to bud.

The Shohin display has also provided much interest and we look forward to this month’s display by Gail.

Hennie Nel


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Grey marsh, black cloud...

Flapping away in autumn rain

Last old slow heron. ~ Anon

Random Bonsai Tip

When you have too thin trunks, you could twist two or three saplings together, fasten them together with wire and allow them time to fuse; or graft two trunks together.