Cape Bonsai Kai September 2016 Newsletter

From the President

Hennie Nel

Dear CBK Member,

What a wonderful time of the year, wondering around the bonsai and seeing all the new life popping out, and tree's that have been repotted showing their appreciation by growing with renewed vigor. (Not to mention the sigh of relief that it survived the repotting)

Showtime: We are close to 100 days from our December show and believe it or not it is now the time for club members to identify their potential show trees and start the preparation for the show.

We have 3 club meetings before the show and we appeal to members to have a look at which trees they want to show and bring them to the club meetings if they are not sure if they are show standard, and get advice from senior members.
You may find with a “snip" and a bit of wire you could have a show stopper.

We do have an hour prior to every meeting where members can really tap into the expertise of the senior members and get valuable insight into preparing your trees to be in pristine condition for the show. This includes the feeding regime you need to follow to achieve maximum impact.

To those members who received trophies please dust them off and bring them to the club meeting, for another generation of winners.
If the spot on the shelf looks to bare, work on the trees again and you can have it back in December.
The rosettes are for you to keep but if you do not want it, you welcome to return them.

The committee is preparing for the show and need members to volunteer to assist with various functions, prior to the show, so please offer your services or when approached be open to assist.

Remember this is the Kai's show piece at a premier venue, Kirstenbosch, for All 42 members and not a show run by a committee of 5. To use a well-worn cliché: “Do not ask what your club can do for you but what you can do for your club.” See you on the 15th September with your trees.

Hennie Nel


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Random Bonsai Tip

Wick watering - Support your tree or pot over a container of water. Place one end of a piece of rope (approx 20 cm long and one centimeter diameter) in the container and bury the other end in the pot of soil - you can now go away on holiday.