Cape Bonsai Kai August 2017 Newsletter

From the President

Dear CBK Member,

At our last meeting we experimented with a new scoring system, the purpose being to give more feedback on specific aspects of the bonsai. Scoring of course is not new to the Kai; we do it at all our monthly meetings and at the December show, as an integral part of our culture.

The new system gives a mark for the various aspects of the bonsai, so if the bonsai scores poorly for the pot, the owner will know the pot is not suitable, but the rest of the bonsai may score highly. This really saves the judge from writing comments, which has always been time consuming.

After Terry did the judging at the last meeting, he gave some very helpful feedback on the system. Firstly it comes across as very harsh on a developing bonsai, so the "novices" took some strain.

However the Kai members are made of sterling stuff and will not be deterred. We will be looking at doing some tweaks, but your feedback will be very welcome. A crucial element of our meetings is bringing your bonsai, so please continue to do so.

Our new talent competition will take place at the September workshop at Bishopsford, so please give your names to Andre van Jaarsveld.

We have the Bonsai Festival coming up on the 28/29 October in the Company Gardens. Please keep the weekend open as it is a great bonsai festival. The clubs will all do a themed exhibition for the weekend, so we will be looking for trees for our exhibition. We will also be looking for volunteers to work on their own trees. More detail at the meeting

At the next meeting Emile will be showing you the grafting he has done on cedars, and demonstrating his techniques. This should be a fascinating demo.

I will not be at the next meeting as I will be traveling in the Kgalagadi, so please enjoy the meeting.

Kind Regards

Hennie Nel

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Random Bonsai Tip

When you have too thin trunks, you could twist two or three saplings together, fasten them together with wire and allow them time to fuse; or graft two trunks together.