Cape Bonsai Kai September 2018 Newsletter

Meeting review

20th September 2018

Frik de Jager

Carl Morrow opened the meeting and welcomed everyone.

He requested all members to get involved by serving on the exco.

He reminded members about the Bonsai Festival taking place on 28th and 29th were reminded that this is a large bonsai competition with very attractive prizes. Cape Bonsai’s theme this year will be: Creating new Bonsai trees, these young Bonsai trees will be displayed.

Carl announced that he will start a social Whatsapp bonsai group. Anyone interested in joining the group should send his or her request directly to Carl.

Tip of the month

This was presented by Gail Theron. She started by asking what we do with our old banana peels? Lately she has started chopping them up into small pieces and useing them as compost especially for flowering trees as it is a well-known fact that these peels are rich in Potassium; phosphorus and a lot of smaller essential micro elements. Gail also warned members not the mix any fungicide or Insecticide stronger than the described strength on each container as this could potentialy kill a tree. Lastly she reminded members to always sterilise cutting tools used on different trees.

Short Talk

The short talk on Accent plants - Kusamonowas presented by Carl. Best place and way to collect these plants is to look for them around dig areas. The advantage of these plants is that they are adapted and are fit for the specific natural conditions in which the live and survive. Kusamono plant collection is a Japanese art form developed alongside Bonsai art. Carl displayed a few accent plants as examples of good accent plants.

Judge's Comments

Monthly judges’ comments were handled by Terry Erasmus. The mug for the winning tree was awarded to Cedric Hartzenberg for his windswept planting of Junipers.

Main Talk: Windswept style of Bonsai

Freddie started the talk with a quote of the definition of Windswept: “ Life and energy in the bonsai creates a dynamic and emotional response in the viewer” Steps for designing a windswept tree are:

  • Start with the right trunk.
  • Grow the branches with wiring every year and keep your hand on it.
  • Lately Freddie came to the conclusion that a lower branch really gives a better dimension for this specific style of bonsai.
  • Freddie gave the meeting a slide show of different trees that have been developed over the past 5 to 6 years.

Terry Erasmus made the remark that maybe there is too little attention given to the right pot for wind-swept trees.

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Tenderly, lovingly

raking up dead leaves

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Random Bonsai Tip

To improve branch ramification one can defoliate deciduous trees in summer. This method should only be used on healthy, strong trees in their later stages of development.