Cape Bonsai Kai January 2019 Newsletter



From the President

Dear People,


A large part of the satisfaction associated with bonsai is the discipline needed to keep your trees alive and thriving.

I struggle with this structure and hence the great lapse in the flow of the newsletters recently. I am sorry about this as this is an important link between the club and the members.

The first club meeting of the year is on Thursday 17 January and the theme will be figs. Phil is arranging the main activities where we will be having fun with figs. It is going to be a hands-on workshop experience giving you the opportunity to join aerial roots together into dramatic neagari stock and there will also be some pre-prepared trees that can be planted over rocks. If you have a cordless drill, please bring it along so that the roots can be screwed together.

Support our local artists at the Fig Festival being organized by Blaauwberg Bonsai. Details have been sent out and it is worth the time to visit Dawn’s nursery and then be inspired by well prepared, consummate bonsai artists.

December saw our annual show which was very well organized by Kobus and his team and there were very beautiful trees on display. Visit to see the pictures of the winning trees.

To the owners of the trees, please use these images as extensively as possible on social media and entering competitions as this is a wonderful resource that has been created for you. Our one request is to give picture credit to the kai with a link to the website.

Attendance at the show was poor and sales were bad and so we need to seriously think about how we can change the show so that it can achieve the goals required from the exhibition. If you have thoughts and ideas, please send me a message and, better still, if you would like to be involved in the review and decisions of what to do in 2019, please contact me. We will put together a working group to re-think the annual show. I have received some valuable feedback already and this will be added to the discussions.

See you on Thursday



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Random Bonsai Tip

Tying roots - Rubber rings (approx one centimeter thick) cut from a motor car tube, have many uses. For example use to tie roots in a Root over rock planting - they also make good garters!