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1 White deposits on pots 676
2 Emergency drainage measures 546
3 Miracle B1 vitamin 601
4 How to prevent branch splitting 536
5 Safe use of lime sulphur 597
6 Nipping growth for smaller leaves 445
7 Too much shade? 380
8 Overpotted trees 373
9 How to stop leaf burn 389
10 Watering mame and shohin trees 359
11 Growing moss in sun 945
12 Overpotted Trees 842
13 Excessive moisture retension 986
14 My Pine wobbles and lacks new roots 1015
15 How to speed up the recovery of bonsai trees? 1210
16 Is my soil mix correct? 925
17 How do I use lime sulphur? 995
18 How should I treat a split branch? 634
19 Is a Japanese pot necessary? 588
20 Frequency of repotting 664

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Grey marsh, black cloud...

Flapping away in autumn rain

Last old slow heron. ~ Anon

Random Bonsai Tip

When you have too thin trunks, you could twist two or three saplings together, fasten them together with wire and allow them time to fuse; or graft two trunks together.