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16 Is my soil mix correct? 975
17 How do I use lime sulphur? 1032
18 How should I treat a split branch? 678
19 Is a Japanese pot necessary? 630
20 Frequency of repotting 713
21 Necessary elements and conditions 633
22 How long does it take to start a bonsai? 697
23 Starting off a tree 646
24 Are my trees overpotted? 682
25 Oleum use side effects 875
26 White deposits on unglazed pots 610
27 Winter shelters, are they necessary? 855
28 Remedies for trees in too much shade 634
29 Growth spurt after removing wire 622

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On the weathered shelf

A self-cleaned cat in autumn

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Random Bonsai Tip

When a tree has reversed taper or a narrowed 'waistline' above the nebari, you could do an airlayering just above the narrow section; or you could damage the cambium layer by either hammering gently with a mallet or by piercing the bark right into the cambium with a sharp object eg. scissors or an awl. You could also make deep incisions along the grain of the bark, where the healing process will cause scarring which would then thicken the trunk.