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16 Is my soil mix correct? 826
17 How do I use lime sulphur? 901
18 How should I treat a split branch? 544
19 Is a Japanese pot necessary? 504
20 Frequency of repotting 549
21 Necessary elements and conditions 495
22 How long does it take to start a bonsai? 570
23 Starting off a tree 523
24 Are my trees overpotted? 546
25 Oleum use side effects 712
26 White deposits on unglazed pots 488
27 Winter shelters, are they necessary? 675
28 Remedies for trees in too much shade 507
29 Growth spurt after removing wire 496

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Random Bonsai Tip

Sacrifice branches can be used to thicken up the branches or the trunk by taking advantage of the auxins in the terminal bud. A low branch could thus be used to thicken the base of the trunk and so improve the taper.