Pests & Diseases

# Article Title Hits
1 General note on pesticides 889
2 Red spider 848
3 Thrips 771
4 Pests and diseases on Junipers 779
5 Scale 798
6 Mildew 798
7 Aphids 759
8 Rose Beetles 905
9 Caterpillars 738

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Overhanging Pine

Adding its mite of needles to the Waterfall

Random Bonsai Tip

To thicken thin branches make a cut just below the branch or a bud on the branch. The sugars produced in the leaves of the tree move down to the roots through the phloem, this flow of sap is interrupted by the cut and the accumulation of sugars above the cut increases the vigour as it is used by the bud, forcing it into action. As soon as the wound heals the normal sap flow resumes.