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21 First Aid for Bonsai 657
22 Principles of design in relation to Bonsai 670
23 Autumn and Winter Tasks 832
24 Your own special bonsai-en, Prt 2 672
25 Propagation by Cuttings 716
26 Daily Care and Display 613
27 Your own special bonsai-en, Prt 1 657
28 Pots 703
29 Wiring basics 749
30 Saikei 808

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Maple leaves turning

red-gold in the Autumn sun

falling..... falling..... gone

Random Bonsai Tip

You can bend thick, hardened branches by undercutting. A wedge is cut underneath where the bend is needed and then the branch is eased down anw wired into place. Thick, coarse branches could also be removed completely and replaced with new branches by thread grafting or approach grafting