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21 Azalea as Bonsai 967
22 Celtis as bonsai 1196
23 The Magic of Pines Part I 779
24 Pines by Rudi Adam 875
25 Taxodium Distichum Part III 768
26 The wonderful world of figs 1091
27 Taxodium Distichum Part II 772
28 Taxodium Distichum Part I 1073
29 Dalbergia 819
30 Bougainvillea 1322
31 Elms 782
32 Coleonema 919
33 Junipers by Bob Richards 914
34 The Olive - a beginner's tree 1115
35 Olives in Style 1134
36 Celtis overview 1223

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Random Bonsai Tip

If a tree lacks a branch in a specific place you could in arch or approach graft a branch in the required area or thread graft through the trunk using a long shoot of the same plant.