Cape Bonsai Kai October 2016 Newsletter

From the President

Hennie Nel

Dear CBK Member,

I have just returned from a round trip to George, Addo Elephant Park and then the Karoo National Park. Firstly I attended Kat Rivier Kai meeting on Saturday and what an inspiration. The great thing was to see the 25 enthusiastic members in attendance all stumbling over each other to help, work on trees and actively participating in the presentations.

Apart from the animals which we saw plenty of, the veld was in full flower and the Karoo in particular was a splash of colour. Then there was the trees especially the Scotia afra well knarled by elephants and the game, tempting one to reach for the spade.

Now we have two events coming up namely the October Bonsai Festival and our Show in December.

At the Bonsai Festival CBK will have 4 tables to display trees with one table dedicated to Yamadori. Please be willing to display trees at the festival and support the Bonsai fraternity by attending the event, CBK will also be responsible for nominating four members to help the public with their trees while also working on your own trees.

The Cape Bonsai show in December has been written about, and we will have a Roster available for the next two meetings for you to "volunteer" your time during the show. Please do not be shy

Reading the latest BCI message from the President, Glenis Bebb, where he writes about the resurgence in the art of bonsai as a result of the unselfish contributions been made by many experts in their field. Included in the edition is the contribution of Tobie Kleynhans, which according to Joe Grande the editor, is "looking at the evolution of a national bonsai style that is true to the geography, culture and climate by using the language of fine art to explore the African bonsai style".

It made me think of our Kai where we have great bonsai artist making monthly contributions to lift our bonsai to new heights, and it is up to all our members to ensure that we have a strong kai, giving everyone the opportunity to grow and develop. This does however mean we should all be participating in the activities of the kai to ensure the enthusiasm and passion remains on a high.

That said, we can look forward to a great meeting in October where Terry Erasmus will be demonstrating ground layering, root and approach grafting on Japanese maples.

Please bring your "fancy" Japanese maples alternatively Trident maples.

Bonsai Greetings


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Random Bonsai Tip

Tree stabilizers - Sew cotton/canvas tubes or use plastic shopping bags partly fill with sand and use as stabilizers when transporting trees by car.