The history of Cape Bonsai Kai is enriched by the many bonsai artists who have over the years of its existence contributed in some way to what it is today. Individuals appearing in the following pages will remind many of cherished memories, to others they remain legend. Unfortunately those of us who were not around during the early years will never have the opportunity of meeting many of these individuals, but through these pages it is hoped they will learn a little about the person behind the name.


Alf Jones

Alf started growing Bonsai on his own and joined the Eastern Bonsai Society in 1972 where he was Vice Chairman and then Chairman for three years. In 1981 with others, he helped form Shibui Bonsai Kai and acted as Vice President, and President of Shibui. Alf lectured and demonstrated on Bonsai countrywide from around 1975 and held regular workshops at his home for members of his club.


Bernard Coetzee

Bernard had his first contact with Bonsai in 1960 after reading a book on the subject from the Claremont Library. On one of his collecting trips along Boyes Drive he came across the Bonsai Society and promptly joined them. He was later one of the founder members of the Cape Bonsai Kai and later became Oyama Bonsai Kai's Vice President.


Bob Richards

by Neville Coxon

Robert vas Dias was born on 20 January 1922 of Dutch parents living in Borneo, Indonesia. Speaking only Dutch and Malay at the age of seven, he was sent to school in England. When his parents divorced he lost touch with his father and later at age 14, he joined his mother and stepfather in South Africa and finished his schooling here. His name had also changed to Richards, his stepfather's name. It was to be many years later before he made contact with his father again, who was then living in Holland, and happily they were able to establish a close relationship.

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Random Bonsai Tip

Using deadwood can improve and enhance a number of problematic aspects in the design of a tree. If the tree doesn't have a satisfactory apex, create one with a jin. A shari can be used as a focal point or it can give movement to an uninteresting trunkline.